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Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in Meditation | 0 comments

Rediscovering the Yoga Sutras…

Rediscovering the Yoga Sutras…

Yoga is not only about Asana… actually Asana is just a part of the eight limbs of Yoga according to Patanjali and his Yoga Sutras.. And it doesn’t even mean hatha yoga as many interpreters support, as hatha yoga was discovered many years after the Yoga Sutras… All these were explained in today’s lecture by Carlos Pomeda, a scholar from Spain with 35 years of experience in the study, practice and teaching of the yoga traditions.

He gave us a new approach to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali based on the translation and commentary of Edwin Bryant.. A more clever, practical, user friendly interpretation that proves the real goal of Patanjali: to give a methodical and consistent way to the elimination of the mind activity… and why to do that? Because when we are able to still the mind, we remain in our true nature..  and how to do that? by meditation in terms of skillful thinking…

Carlos Pomeda explained step by step the advice of Patanjali and after that we saw it in practice by sharing our silence and a 15’minute meditation.  Then the famous 8 limbs of Yoga or Ashtanga , unfolded through Carlos words..

I will not get into more details, since a post in a blog cannot replace a lecture… I will just say that I enjoyed every minute of this talk, which was simple enough for everybody to understand and well explained at the same time… and it feels good that we are not only experiencing the physical part of Yoga (asana) but we keep some space for the unlimited philosophy that surrounds it..

Next meeting with Carlos is on Saturday at 08:00 am at Tri Murti Pavillion.More details about him and his teaching you can find at



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My profession is organising people’s holidays in Greece for more than 5 years and I love it! But what I really came to do in this life is to be a traveller! Trips give me the opportunity to meet other places, people and situations and to connect more with the outer world.. When yoga came to my life, I discovered the way to travel inside myself and connect more with my inner world..Traveling and Yoga in different ways bring me to the present moment..To Here and Now.. and this is what I want to share.. After all life is a magic trip outside and inside ourselves and this makes as all travellers.. Blogging for the Bali Spirit Festival, I try to give my best self to share this beautiful experience!!



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