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Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in Music | 0 comments

Shining Silver Pesos.

Shining Silver Pesos.

The Silver Pesos came onto the ARMA stage and immediately had an impact on the audience with their uplifting tempos.

The bands music is a result of collaborations across several continents – with the bands members hailing from USA, France, Belize and Indonesia. They traverse musical genres from Jamaican dancehall to Afro pop to shoe gaze electronica.

The 6 piece  band, which evolves around the 2 core members who are based in Los Angeles, California included two Indonesians providing powerful percussive rhythms.  This new incarnation of the band which included vocals, keyboards, saxophone, bass guitar, percussion, drums and electric guitar proved to be extremely tight.

Some of their tunes were complex amalgamation of grooves with fast paced rhythms and sudden changes in the tempo which at times became almost abstract.

Highlight of their set was their final tune in which they invited Bloco Singapura onto the stage to create an exciting pulsing percussion overload which the audience received with pure delight.

The Silver Pesos and Bloco Singapura. Image by Erwin Sitorus.



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