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Posted by on Mar 31, 2012 in Yoga | 1 comment

Universal Yoga to start the day..

Universal Yoga to start the day..

Copper Crow has committed himself to the study of yoga since being introduced to the practice through martial arts at a very young age. After meeting Andrey Lappa in 2006, he has dedicated himself to the deeper study and practice of Universal Yoga.

And this practice he came to share with everybody at the BaliSpirit Festival! It was a class with a beautiful flow, accessible to everybody, as there were options for beginners or more advanced students. A confident joyful teacher, that was supporting and encouraging everybody, using asanas, mudras and pranayama exercises in order to guide us through a complete balance and energy throughout the 5 seaths of our body.. from annamaya kosha to anandamaya kosha.. Discovering and empowering our right side we released our anger…Stretching and strengthening our left side, we released our selfishness! And moving from our legs to our arms and then upward till the top of the head we completed our practice  with some breathing exercises, clearing our nadis and being ready for a short  japa meditation…108 Om Shantis are a nice way to start the day with a full heart and a clear mind :)

Some of Copper’s words are: «”Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – yoga has something for everyone, at every stage of life’s journey. Every passing moment is an opportunity to start anew and transform your life. Let go of expectations, have fun, and enjoy the exploration!”

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About Dimitra

My profession is organising people’s holidays in Greece for more than 5 years and I love it! But what I really came to do in this life is to be a traveller! Trips give me the opportunity to meet other places, people and situations and to connect more with the outer world.. When yoga came to my life, I discovered the way to travel inside myself and connect more with my inner world..Traveling and Yoga in different ways bring me to the present moment..To Here and Now.. and this is what I want to share.. After all life is a magic trip outside and inside ourselves and this makes as all travellers.. Blogging for the Bali Spirit Festival, I try to give my best self to share this beautiful experience!!

1 Comment

  1. Hey Dimitra,
    I really enjoyed Copper’s style of teaching and I totally agree that yoga has something for everyone !
    Btw are there more Greeks in the festival or is it just the two of us ?! :)